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NGC 4631 & NGC 4656/57

I’ve been wanting to revisit this one for a while!

NGC 4631, also known as the Whale Galaxy, is at the top center of the frame. It is seen edge on, and you can make out the small companion dwarf galaxy, NGC 4627, right above it. NGC 4656/57, also known as the Hockey Stick Galaxies due to their deformed shape, is also seen in the frame.

I actually captured these galaxies about 14 years ago with a bigger telescope.

Despite the more modest equipment I currently am using, I like how this one turned out! I got about 3 hours of integrated exposure with my new f/2.8 prime lens. The field of view is wide enough to easily capture these galaxies in one frame, albeit with some loss of resolution and detail. I think my processing skills have definitely improved though! What do you think?

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