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The Sadr Region

During my adventure into Bortle 4 class skies, I really wanted to try out a new target as well. Given the obstructions I was dealing with, my options were somewhat limited. But at around midnight, the Sadr region in the constellation Cygnus was rising, so I took my opportunity.

This is a region with plenty of stars and nebulosity. Even in a single sub, I was able to see detail I wasn’t expecting at all. That was a common theme for the night. Despite the the fact that my unmodified camera was losing a lot of signal from that ionized hydrogen gas, I was still able to capture some pretty good detailed nebulosity on my final result. The Crescent Nebula is also visible at the top right.

In another theme for the night, I was able to do all that in just 1.3 hours of integrated exposure. I’m really going to miss dark skies.

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